Empowering the global fixed income market to drive the climate transition.

Nippon Steel green bonds: A bare minimum strategy


Transitioning the steel sector is crucial for the climate. We review the impact of Nippon Steel's green bonds.

Contingent Resilience-Linked (CORL) bonds: combining public and private capital for resilience


We propose a new bond structure to increase private investment in sustainable development

Proposal: South Korea USD new bond issuance


On 8 April, South Korea issued a request for proposal for an off-shore bond: AFII proposes a sustainability-linked structure based on the issuer’s decarbonisation targets.

L&Q Housing Trust SLB ‘builds’ in a coupon step-up


Sustainability Performance Target miss leads to 12.5bps step-up

bp and ConocoPhillips: a bond spread curve ball


Transition risk exposure differences not priced in credit spreads

Coal divestment: AES’ Muong Dong 2 deal with Sev.en


Sale reduces transparency into high-carbon asset

Enel SLBs: FY 2023 generation figures released


Enel announces its 2023 generation mix

Relative value is in the eye of the Ahold-er


Retail giant offers investors green, vanilla, and SLB debt in three-tranche deal

Insights and tools for investors and issuers

Bond markets have the power to propel the climate transition of nations and corporations. 

The Anthropocene Fixed Income Institute's innovative research and portfolio tools enable fixed income market participants to direct capital to impactful sustainable investments.

Ulf Erlandsson

Ulf Erlandsson

CEO and Founder

Dr Ulf Erlandsson founded AFII in 2020, inspired by his lecture series, ‘Fixed income in the Anthropocene’.

Justine Leigh-Bell

Justine Leigh-Bell

Executive Director

Justine leads the strategic development, management and operations of AFII, and directs our funder relations.

Catherine Greene

Catherine Greene

Chief Impact Officer

Catherine Greene leads AFII’s impact strategy, identifying and tracking the engagement of the fixed income investment community with AFII’s ground-breaking research and portfolio management tools.