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Sustainability-Linked Bond Handbook


Sustainability-linked bonds are innovative financial instruments that enable fixed income…

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EU Deforestation Regulation presents costs for food company

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Public to private divestment in Asia: trends and best practice


Data indicates there have been 181 public to private transfers of high-emission Asian ass…

PPC: a Heraclean decarbonisation


Greek utility links SLB target ambition with rapid emissions reduction

Buyers of long-dated oil bonds beware


Longer tenor of oil & gas bonds poses risks not accounted for in spread curves

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Bond markets have the power to propel the climate transition of nations and corporations. 

The Anthropocene Fixed Income Institute's innovative research and portfolio tools enable fixed income market participants to direct capital to impactful sustainable investments.

Ulf Erlandsson

Ulf Erlandsson

CEO and Founder

Dr Ulf Erlandsson is a pioneer of climate-focused fixed income portfolio management.

Justine Leigh-Bell

Justine Leigh-Bell

Executive Director

Justine leads the strategic development, management and operations of AFII, and directs our funder relations.

Catherine Greene

Catherine Greene

Chief Impact Officer

Catherine Greene leads AFII’s impact strategy, assessing our outreach in the fixed income investment community.