About AFII

Launched in July 2020 and supported by prominent philanthropists, AFII is a non-profit research organisation that takes a markets-based approach to delivering positive climate and biodiversity impact through fixed income investment.

AFII’s philosophy is that it's through the buy and sell decisions of bond portfolio managers and traders in the market that we can change the cost-of-capital in favour of a sustainable future. It’s grimy, technical and quantitative; it's an everyday struggle for alpha, but fixed income is extremely powerful when you direct it for a sustainable purpose.

The idea for AFII emerged from a series of lectures, “Fixed income in the Anthropocene”, conducted by our founder and CEO Dr Ulf Erlandsson over the course of 2019. Ulf was a credit portfolio manager at the Fourth Swedish State Pension Fund (AP4) and a quant strategist at Barclays Capital. He was one of the pioneers in the green bond market as well as in high-frequency credit derivative trading. He has written extensively on credit trading, climate impact in fixed income and the combination thereof over the past 15 years.

AFII was propelled into existence by generous philanthropic organisations aligned with our goals. We have a global market focus with a growing team of experienced market practitioners producing innovative research, analysis and portfolio tools to support the fixed income community in delivering a sustainable transition.

Ulf Erlandsson

Ulf Erlandsson

CEO and Founder

Dr Ulf Erlandsson is a pioneer of climate-focused fixed income portfolio management.

Justine Leigh-Bell

Justine Leigh-Bell

Executive Director

Justine leads the strategic development, management and operations of AFII, and directs our funder relations.