So long. Farewell. xAuf Wiedersehnx. Adieu.

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The German coal decommissioning auction is shutting 4.8GW of hard coal power, and among them the Vattenfall Moorburg 1.6GW white elephant project. Here, we present the auction results and some reflections on the history of it.

With the announcement of the results of the German coal decommissioning auction, it is clear that Moorburg, the Vattenfall white/coal elephant project that commenced operations in 2015, will stop burning coal before New Year’s Eve.

As such, we estimate that the planet will have 6-8Mtpa CO2 emissions less to deal with. We are grateful for Vattenfall for the number of lessons the Moorburg situations has taught us and are amazed how this story continues to deliver across multiple disciplines.

The announcements from Vattenfall as the results of the auction came through will provide very good lessons both for management and corporate communication students for a long time.

To be clear: the German decommissioning auction is not a happy affair for those involved. Participants in the auction are competing to get as low as possible compensation for shutting down under the threat of getting nothing. Indeed, we argued back in August that the smartest strategy might be to take zero compensation and leave the keys with the German authorities.

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