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Enel vows to honour SLB terms, reveals date


Italian power company faces possible step-up on €10bn of SLBs this year

Think tank offers up ‘representative deforestation credit portfolio’


Dozens of bond issuers in the food, paper and mining value chains are exposed to deforestation

Investors skill up on SLBs but regulation blocks progress


Hopes are rising that two regulatory obstacles to sustainability-linked bonds could be removed

Most SLB issuers likely to meet end of 2023 targets but Enel falters


Seven out of 10 issuers measuring at the end of the year likely to hit their targets, but questions remain around Enel, PPC and San Miguel Industrias.

Sustainability-Linked Bonds – A New Financial Derivative


Capital investment to transition to a net-zero economy is currently falling well short of the $2.7 trillion required annually to deliver on the 2050 target.

Market ignores chance of step-up on €10bn of Enel SLBs


Bond pricing suggests investors have not noticed probability of step-up or have discounted it, even after report pointing it out

Energy company set to pay ‘largest ever step-up’ on sustainability-linked bonds


Think tank predicts that Italy’s Enel will miss its targets because of government policy

Can private equity meet public responsibilities?


The sums of capital the sector wields could be critical to financing a sustainable economy, but greater transparency and accountability are needed to ensure this happens

Bunge Bondholders at Risk as EU Rules Aim to Protect Rainforests


Anthropocene Fixed Income Institute sees credit deterioration

Future sins as relevant as past transgressions in ESG


ESG ETFs exposed to oil sands expansion

Analysis: Greenwashing risk in sovereign green bonds


The political cycle drives much higher volatility for sovereign green bonds than corporate ones when it comes to climate credibility

ESG bond funds caught in ConocoPhillips exclusions 'paradox'


Passive bond funds may have financed an acquisition that will breach their thresholds for oil sands involement, writes Responsible Investor