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Think tank predicts that Italy’s Enel will miss its targets because of government policy

Can private equity meet public responsibilities?


The sums of capital the sector wields could be critical to financing a sustainable economy, but greater transparency and accountability are needed to ensure this happens

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ESG ETFs exposed to oil sands expansion

Analysis: Greenwashing risk in sovereign green bonds


The political cycle drives much higher volatility for sovereign green bonds than corporate ones when it comes to climate credibility

ESG bond funds caught in ConocoPhillips exclusions 'paradox'


Passive bond funds may have financed an acquisition that will breach their thresholds for oil sands involement, writes Responsible Investor

ESG Debt Investors Face Confusion Over Trigger Event for Payment


AFII raises questions around KPI decision for Nobian’s SLB

AFII raises question marks over how SLB issuer met carbon targets


After Dutch chemicals firm Nobian meets an SLB target it was expected to miss, think tank AFII asks what accounted for the drop in emissions.

Pain For ESG Investors


Since Hindenburg Research published its report on January 24, investors have responded to its allegations of fraud and market manipulation by selling Adani shares.

Growing pains for SLB market as coupon step-ups loom


The sustainability-linked bond market is facing a significant moment as a host of issuers look like they may miss ESG targets

BlackRock-led investors in Aramco pipelines get ratings ahead of debt sales


The issuing entity name "GreenSaif" raises some questions in terms of linguistics

Has the airline industry finally embraced sustainability?


Air France-KLM's sustainability-linked bond is a step towards transparent transition, but the industry still has its head in the sand.