Investors rely on transparent and clear reporting to assess the sustainability of fixed income portfolios and products. Our investigations and analyses of reporting and transparency issues and methods help investors to assess climate impact and identify misreporting.

Public to private divestment in Asia: trends and best practice


Data indicates there have been 181 public to private transfers of high-emission Asian assets since 2020

Coal divestment: AES’ Muong Dong 2 deal with Sev.en


Sale reduces transparency into high-carbon asset

Enel SLBs: update on 2023 observation date


Will Enel SLBs meet their Sustainability Performance Targets?

Nordea SLLB: driving for a sustainability-linked future


We discuss Nordea's innovative Sustainability-Linked Loan structure

The Forensic Carbon Accountant: JBS SLB


JBS, a Brazilian meat producer, has issued three Sustainability-Linked Bonds and in this report we discuss the restatement of 2019 data

Thames Water green bonds: all in the same puddle


Thames Water's financial difficulties results in poor trading of its green bonds.

Magnifying glass on graph

The Forensic Carbon Accountant: green bond carbon footprint


We consider how emissions are allocated to green bonds.

EQT Infrastructure investors and off-shore capital raising for Adani Group


EQT Infrastructure investors and off-shore capital raising for the Adani Group.

The arbitrage of a pipeline


We explore the trend in hydrocarbon funding for public bond investors to provide leverage through bonds.

Factories emitting pollution.

The Box Mar 23 (Credit Suisse/UBS update)


Here, we publish an update on The Box given developments regarding Credit Suisse and UBS.

Oil & Gas: climate performance and the cost of capital


Climate performance seems to be a partial driver for funding spreads.

A row of wind turbines at dawn.

SLB triggers: what next if Nobian or PPC miss their targets


In this report, we consider the possible implications of a “thematic default” by Nobian or PPC.