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Financial candles on a screen.

Green bonds duration risk review


Solid growth has been recorded for green bond fund launches and AUMs.

Financial candles on a screen.

Analysis: Greenwashing risk in sovereign green bonds


The political cycle drives much higher volatility for sovereign green bonds than corporate ones when it comes to climate credibility

Financial candles on a screen.

Petrochemicals: Major credits, carbon risks, green bonds


In this report, we provide an analysis of chemical company bond exposures and benchmark credit.

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PIF: big on Aramco, big on green bonds


In this report, we encourage participants to discuss the suitability of PIFKSA ‘green’ bonds in green funds.

Nippon Steel green bonds: A bare minimum strategy


Transitioning the steel sector is crucial for the climate. We review the impact of Nippon Steel's green bonds.

Auto bonds: Any colour so long as it is green


Transitioning the auto manufacturing sector is essential to tackling climate change.

Thames Water green bonds: all in the same puddle


Thames Water's financial difficulties results in poor trading of its green bonds.

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SLBs: complementary, my dear Investor


In this report, we analyse the different characteristics of SLB issuers compared with green bonds.

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Green Bond Risk Premiums: A Twin-Bond ULFP Approach


Here, we discuss the trading volatility of green bonds vs vanilla bonds.

The steps of a government building.

The Reformed SSA Trader: Kreditanstalt Fossil Wiederaufbau?


Recent developments put KfW's green bond investors in an awkward position.

Market opportunity: Indian (green) bond issuance in EUR


The green bond market is starting to develop in India.