Ulf Erlandsson

CEO and Founder

Dr Ulf Erlandsson is the CEO and Founder of the Anthropocene Fixed Income Institute.

Ulf is a pioneer of climate-focused fixed income portfolio management. His award-winning 2017 paper, “Credit alpha and CO2 reduction: A portfolio manager approach”, introduced the concept of climate trading as he headed credit and SSAs at pension fund AP4.

Earlier, as a quant strategist at Barclays Capital, he co-authored three books on macro- and technical credit trading and developed the market’s first high-frequency CDS index trading strategy.

In 2020, Ulf founded the Anthropocene Fixed Income Institute to devise and advocate for practical strategies to drive climate positive capital flows in the fixed income markets.

Ulf was awarded Environmental Finance’s Bond Personality of the Year 2022 as well as CFA Sweden’s ESG Prize 2021.

He earned his PhD in Economics from Lund University in Sweden.