Anthropocene Fixed Income Market Themes 2022

12 minute read

This note serves as a non-exhaustive list of themes that AFII finds particularly interesting for fixed income/climate practitioners going into the new year.

In addition to these themes, AFII subscribers should rest assured that we will continue working in the ‘traditional’ streams such as covering new fossil funding fixed income deals (see Notable fixed income funding deals 2021, 21 Dec), macro themes and their impact on the climate dimension in fixed income and general market technicals such as passive investing vehicles and their impact on climate related funding costs.

The themes: sustainability linked bonds; public to private asset transfers and carbon accounting; capital structures; distressed debt situations/debt exchanges; convexity and curves; systematic fixed income trading opportunities and leverage; philanthropy; legal: disclosure and ESG controversies; the age of the active counterparty; biodiversity and nature loss; and regions: China and India.

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